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Roast Butternut Salad Recipe

Roast Butternut Salad Recipe

How to make the roast butternut

1kg Butternut diced into 3cm block
15g Sage
10g Himalayan rock Salt
10g Olive oil

Method for making the butternut

Add all ingredients to baking tray mix up and bake.
Bake at 160 degrees for
Make sure the butternut is still firm but with nice colouring.

Salad ingredients

50g Mixed baby lettuce washed and dry
8g Rocket washed and dry
25g Mixed sprouts mustard seed sprout, sunflower sprout
10g Spring onion chopped
100g Roasted butternut
5g Toasted almond flakes
60g Avocado cubed same as the butternut
5g Alfalfa sprouts
60g Cucumber sliced and halved
60g Feta Cheese or Gorgonzola cheese
45ml Herb Dressing

Method for assembling the salad

Make sure the baby lettuce and the rocket is washed and dry
Assemble lettuce in a pile add the mixed sprouts (mustard seed and sunflower seed sprouts)
Drizzle with herb dressing
Add the cucumber
Add the avocado
Add the butternut
Add the Cheese
Now garnish with the sprouts
and flaked almonds