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Smooth-No-D (Smoothie No Dairy) Recipe

Chermoula Recipe


• 2 big ripe bananas*
• 3T-spoons cashew nut
• ½ cup fruit juice
• 1 pine apple
• 1 ripe mango
• 2T-spoon grated ginger (optional)
• 1T-spoon lime juice/lemon juice

*Best to use frozen bananas. Take a ripe bunch –peel and wrap individually in cling wrap and freeze


• Add cashew to blender
• Add fruit juice and first process nuts
• Peel and cube mango and add to processor
• Cube pine apple and add to processor
• Peel and grate ginger and add to processor
• Add lime or lemon juice
• Process all ingredients, before adding
• 2 frozen bananas break and add to blender.
• Process and ENJOY!