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Miso Soup Recipe

Miso Soup Recipe

(Makes 4 portions)


• 1lt water
• 80g/ 4T-spoon miso
• 2T-spoon tamari
• 1 Cob sweet corn
• Tofu cubes
• Bok choi or baby spinach
• 1 medium carrot
• 2 Spring onion
• 4 Shitake mushroom
• 1T-spoon toasted sesame seed
• Fresh ginger
• Lemon weges


• Soak shitake mushroom in 1.2lt boiling water, let cool and continue with the following:
• Peel a piece of ginger –as much as you like and then fine grate. Set aside
• Cut sweet corn from cob. Set aside
• Peel carrot and using potato peeler, cut fine slithers. Set aside
• Cut spring onion into thin diagonal slices
• Shred bok choi or baby spinach (as much as you like). Set aside
• Cut 20 small tofu cubes ( 5/portion)
• Shitake should have cooled by now..
• Remove shitake from bowl and pour liquid into a pot
• Cut shitake into thin strips and add to pot.
• Add miso paste
• Add tamari and stir in.
• Add tofu cubes ( add now to absorb miso and tamari flavours
• Bring to heat slowly – do not boil.
• When hot, turn of heat and add rest of ingredients to pot and Cover with lid.
• Let sit for 3 min and serve in bowls.
• When serving, sprinkle with sesame seed and a good squeeze of fresh lemon.