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Sautéed Mushroom, Red Pepper and Feta Omelette Recipe

Chermoula Recipe

Make: 1 omelette


2 Eggs
10ml Olive oil
20ml Organic milk
80g Button mushrooms chopped in quarters
20g feta cheese
½ Diced red pepper
10ml Soya sauce
Squeeze of lemon


1. Heat a pan with a little olive oil
2. Add the diced red pepper sauté for a few minutes.
3. Now add the mushrooms.
4. When the mushrooms start getting a little colour and are soft add the soya sauce and a squeeze of lemon cook for a further minute and set aside.
5. Beat the milk and the eggs together until well combined.
6. Heat another pan with a little olive oil and pour in the egg mixture.
7. Turn the heat down so the egg does not catch. On the bottom. Put a lid on the pan to help cook the top of the omelette
8. When the omelette is nearly ready add the mushrooms and red peppers to the omelette and sprinkle the crumbled feta over the mushrooms.
9. Fold the omelette in the pan and the remove from the pan onto a hot plate