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Scrambled Tofu and Toast Recipe

Chermoula Recipe

Makes 2 portions


• 1 block tofu
• ½ small green pepper
• 1 small ripe tomato
• 1 spring onion
• 4 button mushrooms
• 1 ½ T-spoon Braggs Amino/Tamari
• 2t-spoons olive oil
• 2pinch turmeric
• Small handful coriander
• 15ml Soya Sauce
• 10ml Vegetable Stock Powder


• Crumb tofu with fingers and add to mixing bowl
• Core and cube tomato and green pepper into small pieces and add to mixing bowl
• Cut spring onion into thin diagonal slices and add to mixing bowl
• Cut button mushrooms into thin slices and add to mixing bowl
• Add Braggs/tamari, olive oil, turmeric to mixing bowl
• Finely chop coriander and add to mixing bowl
• Mix all ingredients well.
• Add ingredients to a heated pan and cook on a medium heat, with a lid
• When you feel the mushrooms and or pepper is ready, remove from heat.
• Great on or beside a piece of gluten/wheat free toast